Sign the Oil and Gas Bill of Rights


Add your name to the Oil & Gas Bill of Rights!  By signing you show your support for people facing oil and gas development.  You are affirming your support for policies and programs that protect your community from irresponsible oil and gas development, your right to health, safety, a clean environment, and a sustainable community, as well as to demand accountability from elected officials and governmental agencies and to participate in the decision-making process.  Take action now to tell decision makers to put the rights of Idahoans before out-of-state oil and gas corporations.  Please share the link with your friends and family

Article I.) The health, safety, and welfare of our communities depend on clean air, land, and water. Evidence indicates that placement of oil and gas wells, tanks, and other infrastructure near occupied structures and water sources poses a risk to people and the environment. They should be protected through enforcement of minimum setbacks of ¼ mile (1,320 ft.).

Article II.) We support the principle of local control and the public’s right to participate in the decision-making process, to fair and open hearings, and to openness, accountability, and transparency on the part of elected officials, governmental agencies, and appointed commissions.

Article III.) The people have a right to safe and healthy communities. Our government has a responsibility to implement and enforce laws and policies to maintain the highest standards of health and safety.

Article IV.) The people have the right to be secure in the use and enjoyment of our homes and private property. We support our right to protect the quality of life on our property and to make decisions according to our best interests and the manner in which our personal property is used. Forced pooling is a violation of this right and we are opposed to any policy that allows the interests of private corporations to supersede our property rights.

Article V.) We support implementation and enforcement of laws and policies that address the full, actual costs of impacts to roads and other public infrastructure, to taxpayers, and to the environment. The public has a right to complete restoration and remediation of damages caused by development. All costs for impacts to infrastructure, restoration and remediation should be paid by the developer.

Article VI.) Air and water quality testing are important to maintaining the highest possible standards of health and safety. The developer should be responsible for thorough baseline and routine testing. The public has a right to remediation of the negative impacts to our air and water by oil and gas drilling.

Article VII.) Leaking or venting from wells or equipment releases methane and other toxic pollutants into the atmosphere, threatening public health and wasting natural resources. Developers should be required to abide by best management practices and policies to ensure none of these dangerous pollutants escape.

Article VIII.) The transportation of crude oil and natural gas products threaten the health and safety of our communities, deteriorate our roads, and stress our bridges. Since local governments lack the resources to respond to major emergencies such as a spill or accident, oil and gas developers should be required to work with local governments to create emergency response plans. Oil and gas companies or their shipping agents should be required to mitigate their impacts to roads, bridges, and other public infrastructure.

Article IX.) These rights are not exclusive to mineral estate owners. All Idahoans have a right to expect that clean air and water, private property rights and public infrastructure will be protected in the face of oil and gas development.

Article X.) We support policies that promote sustainable, economically strong, self-reliant communities. We support the use of clean and renewable energy sources that can reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, provide energy security, and create more sustainable communities and independent energy systems.