Join us as we monitor legislation that impacts IORC chapters, campaigns, and members.

Active Legislation

Add The Words

Bill Number: HB 440

Position: Support

Sponsor: John McCrostie

Bill Info:  Amends Idaho Human Rights Act to include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.”

Agriculture & Water Quality 

Bill Number: HB 559

Position: Support/Needs amendments

Sponsor: Jim Guthrie, Laurie Lickley 

Bill Info: Authorizes the creation of a confined animal feeding operation (CAFO) environmental improvement fund to pay for animal waste management projects.  The grant program is managed by an oversight committee made up of representatives from the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, Idaho State Department of Agriculture, University of Idaho College of Agriculture, two representatives from the Idaho Dairyman’s Association, and two representatives from the Idaho Cattle Association. 

IORC supports the underlying premise of the bill; to clean up big ag but believes large corporate interests are unfairly represented on the oversight committee. The bill should require equal representation of environmental and public health perspectives. 

Citizenship & Immigration

Bill Number: HB 527

Position: Oppose

Sponsor: Brandon Mitchell

Bill Info: Creates an optional U.S.A. citizen designation on Idaho driver’s licenses and identification and requires applicants show proof-of-citizenship documentation.  This puts people at risk of unfair treatment by law enforcement, service agencies, and private businesses if they choose not to display their citizenship status on their ID or are unable to provide adequate documentation of their citizenship.      

Climate Change & Energy

Bill Number: HB 614 & 660

Position: Oppose

Talking points: Here

Sponsor: Sage Dixon, Brent Crane

Bill Info: Prevents local governments from passing building codes to meet resource planning and efficiency needs such as commitments to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, improve efficiency, and implement electric vehicle charging.  Moves building and trade codes into statute instead of rule, giving the Idaho Legislature power to set building efficiency standards.  Locks Idaho into the 2018 building code standards when more modern standards already exist.  Requires legislation to update or modernize code from the outdated 2018 code to a new code year.  

Grocery Tax

Bill Number: HB 509

Position: Support

Sponsor: Steve Vick, Jim Addis

Bill Info: Raises the grocery tax credit from $100 to $120 per person, and from $120 to $140 for seniors.

Minimum Wage

Bill Number: HB 458

Position: Support

Sponsor: Illana Rubel

Bill Info: Repeals the prohibition against a local minimum wage that is different than the federal & state minimum wage.  

Voting Rights

Bill Number: HB 459

Position: Support

Sponsor: Illana Rubel

Bill Info: Automatically registered to vote when you apply for a new or renewed driver’s license or state issued identification card, unless you opt out. 


Bill Number: HB 693

Position: Oppose

Sponsor: Priscilla Giddings

Bill Info: Ballot box ban.  Prohibits the use of drop-off boxes or similar drop-off locations to collect absentee ballots

Bill Number: HB 547, SB 1376

Position: Oppose

Sponsor: Mike Moyle, Mary Souza

Bill Info: Prohibits the practice of “ballot harvesting” or collecting absentee ballots on behalf of another voter unless you are a postal worker, a family member, or a member of the same household. Family/household members are limited to carrying six ballots. Violations are publishable by felony if it is paid ballot collector.  All other violations are punishable by misdemeanor.  Individuals who require assistance, who live in remote areas, or who do not have a family member or housemate to help them are disadvantaged by this legislation.

Bill Number: HB 761, SB 1375

Position: Oppose

Sponsor: Dorothy Moon, Regina Bayer

Bill Info:  Creates more stringent voter identification requirements, same-day voter registration requirements, and digital/absentee voter registration requirements.  Sunsets voter identification by affidavit and replaces it with a provisional ballot.  Creates and optional USA citizen designation on Idaho driver’s licenses and ID cards (like HB 527) and creates a fund to provide free state-issued ID cards.