Legislative Roundup: Sine Die

The 2017 legislature adjourned sine die this Wednesday after a roller coaster final week characterized by disagreements between chambers and disputes among the House Republican Caucus.

Food Tracker 4000.

Just a week earlier the Senate hijacked a proposal by House Majority Leader Mike Moyle (R-14) to cut income taxes for corporations and wealthy Idahoans and amended it to exempt groceries from sales tax and repeal the grocery tax credit.  Using an obscure parliamentary trick known as a radiator cap, Senator Cliff Bayer (R-21) completely swapped out Rep. Moyle’s income tax cuts with a bill to end the grocery tax.  It was unclear, however, if Speaker of the House Scott Bedke (R-27) and House leadership would even give it a hearing.

After immense public pressure from IORC members and supporters they agreed to hold a hearing.  It passed out of the House Monday afternoon.

The bill now awaits Governor Otter’s signature.  He has said publicly he does not support the grocery tax bill.  Thank you to those who took action!  We’ve made it this far, but Governor Otter still needs to hear from you!

Take Action to Tell Governor Otter to axe the grocery tax!

Follow the link above to send Governor Otter a message letting him know that you support exempting groceries from the state’s sales tax to support ALL Idahoans.

And after you send a message, give his office a call at (208) 334-2100 and let them know that you support “House Bill 67 as amended” and tell him why you support removing the tax from groceries.

Improving Transparency and Protecting Idaho from Oil and Gas Development.

HB 301, the oil and gas bill to provide transparency, accountability, and landowner protections sailed through both chambers late last week.  Not without drama of its own, the House amended the bill at the 11th hour after complaints from oil and gas company Alta Mesa Idaho.  What emerged was a compromise, but still something that will help Idahoans living with oil and gas.

To think that we even got to this point is incredible!  It is due in no small part to the determination of IORC members and supporters who attended endless days of meetings and rulemakings, provided public testimony, and support IORC’s campaign as dues paying members.  It is also thanks to the dogged determination of legislators from District 9 who answered the call of their constituents.

Who says your voice doesn’t matter?  Join the campaign to protect Idaho from oil and gas HERE.

At the Federal Level.

Grassroots activists continue to hold off attacks in the U.S. Congress to roll back Bureau of Land Management oil and gas waste standards.  Politico reported Thursday, the Senate is still short of the votes needed to pass a Congressional Review Act resolution blocking the protections from taking effect and preventing the agency from creating similar rules in the future.

Meanwhile, in an executive order signed Tuesday the Trump Administration took aim at Obama’s climate change policies.  The order requires the BLM to take another look at the methane regulations.  The process to review the rules could take years though.  That means it is still important to tell your senator to oppose the BLM methane CRA.

Tell your U.S. Senator to stand up for American taxpayers and public health; vote NO on S.J.R. 11.

Like Our Work?

We don’t normally like to brag, but IORC has been on a roll so far in 2017.  If you like what we’re doing please support us by donating or joining as a member.