WRRC Members Take the Helm on Recycling

Recycling.Jordan.Don_-300x214Ever wonder where those cardboard boxes from all those Christmas presents end up? Well, just ask a member of the Weiser River Resource Council (WRRC) in Washington and Payette County, they know firsthand. In November, the WRRC members volunteered at the Weiser Recycling Center as part of their ongoing Recycling Campaign. They hope to maximize the potential of the existing center and explore greater recycling options like a curbside program. By putting in a little sweat-equity, members learned what really goes on at the Weiser Recycling Center. For two-weeks the group manned the site by loading the baler with enormous amounts of cardboard, separated plastics when needed, and kept the site tidy and clean for the public.

While the site is used by many in the community, there is still education on what can actually go through the facility. Tony Edmunson highlights, “I think some people were a little surprised at what people would drop off and the trash which is mixed with non-recyclable items. It’s important to keep our plastics separated by their numbers because the market/distribution for these products in different.” As Tony explains that by separating them at the site reduces the cost burden to the contractor and the county.


What about curbside recycling? Well, there is no direct financial incentive for cities who traditionally haul garbage to do curbside recycling. However, the direct cost of not recycling is picked up by property owners through their solid waste tax assessments. For now, this is a county issue. Want to become involved? Contact IORC for more information. -Corey Crownhart, IORC Field Organizer